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Leases - Inmobiliaria e Inversiones Chico


We make your life easier

Send us your properties and receive your monthly rent safely and on time

Leasing Fee

This is canceled on the tenth day of each month regardless of timely or late payment by the tenant.

Administration Fees

These are canceled by the REAL ESTATE to the co-owner within the deadlines in order to have the peace of mind that they are up to date.

Locative repairs

We have specialized construction technicians who carry out repairs promptly and our suppliers offer us quality and competitive prices.


Once the property is leased to the lessee, in addition to the delivery with inventory, photographs of the property will be taken to show its condition, so that the lessee is clear in what conditions the property must be returned.


You will be able to consult the extracts or account statements on our website in order to be clear about the payments received and their discounts.


We advertise your property at no cost on the main web portals such as: square meter, real estate, one hundred blocks,,,,, co,,,,

Potential customers

We have referrals from clients looking for real estate in different sectors.

Strategic Alliances

We carry out business roundtables with real estate allies in order to achieve the client’s achievement for their property quickly.

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